Tablecloths & Runners

These were the first products that I started with, and apart from the beauty of the design, I wanted to offer practicality. So after much research I opted to make these in a twill polyester base, because it is the easiest fabric to wash over and over again, with most stains being easily removed with basic washing powders, machine washable, and little ironing needed. The sublimation print process means that colours don’t fade, so it’s made to last.
I also offer a slightly heavier fabric that looks and feels like linen, called a poly natural weave (PNW) but which is perhaps better for the runners only as it is slightly heavier. Also a polyester based fabric where all stains come off.
There are various designs, such as roses (red and pink), orchids, proteas, aloes, giraffes, lions with aloes, palm leaves, Madagascar palms, delicious monster leaves, sunflowers and seashells.


Placemats & Coasters

The next in table setting is placemats & coasters, and here again the less hassle with washing, the better. So the placemats are offered in a PVC base that is easy to clean, just with a little water or soapy product. It can also have an extra laminate coating on the PVC, and is also done on a “supawood” base, with shapes being rectangular, oval or round. The coasters are in the same PVC with a 2mm foam board base, or in the “supawood” base as well.





Cushions are the finishing touches in a home, and a lot of fun to create because it’s like doing a painting. Colour is everything and I certainly have quite a lot to choose from. The fabrics offered here are the poly-twill, the thicker linen look PNW (poly natural weave), as well as a cotton slub. The sizes are from 45cm to 60cm square, 80x40cm or a bigger size if required.  Available in designs that compliment the tablecloths, but here again colours can be adjusted to fit your decor, or new designs created just for you.




Instead of having just a plain shade, brighten up the home with a printed lampshade! Designs available are as per the range I have on offer, or made to order, for your home, hotel or lodge. Offered in different sizes.


Satin Kimono’s

This kimono is in a poly-satin blend 120gsm, making it a luxurious feeling light weight fabric to wear, that drapes beautifully and perfectly in our hot climate. As these are bespoke items, they are ideal for hotel & spa lodges, as well as for bridal pamper parties, where colours or design can be adjusted to blend in with a theme. For now this is only available in one size that fits from a small to large size.



This new little addition to ladies leisure clothing started as a scarf, but the lightweight voile cotton-like fabric was also suited as a cover-up. Ideal to wear over your swimwear or your jeans and cami, and for now available in the Cape Floral and Delicious Monster leaves designs.



Towelling Gowns

This light weight towelling micro-fleece fabric is ideal for our tropical soft winters. Luxuriously cuddly!

Choose from any of our existing designs.

One size fits from small to large.




Satin Pillowcases

Why Satin? It’s recommended by plastic surgeons, hair stylists and top beauty experts. A cotton pillowcase draws moisture from your hair and skin while you sleep. A satin pillowcase allows your face to move across the pillow so there is no tension of stress on your skin. So…… NO wrinkle lines on the face from the fabric. No dishevelled hair look, because satin fabric lets your hair slide gently across it. Cotton causes more friction and disrupts the hair cuticles. This is also the reason that it’s recommended for people that have lost their hair from the chemotherapy process, as it does not irritate the hair cuticles during growth



The final touch of accessory to complete any outfit, or simply just tie it to the handle of your handbag, just in case! One of the latest additions to my range of products, after looking for the right fabric. It’s “cotton-like” and feels like voile but here again it’s poly based and easy to wash all the stains away. At the moment being offered in 2 medium sizes (a square and a long one, but only 50cm wide), and then a wider and longer one for those that want it more substantial looking at 1x 2 metres. The proteas design also make it an ideal gift from South Africa



This range of ladies kaftans and casual wear /resort dresses are made up in the most luxurious and light weight satin, which is heavenly to wear.

The designs vary from florals, such as Orchids, to our very own South African elements of flora and fauna.

The KAFTANS are loose-fitting with a V-neck, and a choice of a short or long front to ankle length. It also
has an extra opening detail on the sleeve, giving it an option for you to slide your arms through, if you’re hot.

ONE-SHOULDER Asymetrical dresses come in 2 lengths – short, above the knee , and a long mid-calf length.
The longer length also has an adjustable tie at the shoulder seam, to allow for comfort for the slightly bigger bosom ladies.

The BOATNECK short sleeve dress, is comfortably loose and just above the knee.

These styles are a cross between traditional and modern, as well as popular for their comfort and elegance, making them suitable for both casual
and formal occasions.

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